Double Din Head Unit
Double Din Head Unit
Double Din Head Unit

Metra Dash Kit for the 2010 Camaro. This double din unit goes right into the dash with ease. There is no cutting of wires so you can reinstall your OEM radio, you can with 0 issues. The kit comes with single din and double din parts so you can use either in the unit. It has a blue LED illuminated display to show all of the same OEM functions such as temperature, fan settings, heated seats, lock/unlock, hazard lights and are controlled by soft rubber buttons. Also, the interface allows the car to retain all of the BlueTooth and Onstar functions (if your car was equipped with it.) You will not need any steering wheel adapters to make this work if your car comes with steering wheel controls. You will need a antenna adapter which is 15.00 dollars and/or your install shop may already have one.

Ordering Information
Item No : MetraDD01
Our Price : $299.99

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